People Who Followed These Found Success…

February 12, 2020

People Who Followed These Found Success…

February 12, 2020

Log your Intake.   Journaling about what you put in your body creates awareness.  You don’t have to get specific and measure exact portions if you are eating foods with good quality nutrients.   

Focus on Health and Performance.  I came across this quote one day… “The only person I am trying to be better than is the person I was yesterday!” It encouraged me to stop comparing myself to others. Our journeys are not the same. Focus on milestones like; I couldn’t do a push up, but now I can do 5.  Running 1 block was hard, now I run a mile.

Seek Help.  Get advice on how to go about changing habits and set a game plan for your success.   Report back on your results.  Be willing to learn from others.  When you invest in something you are more likely to follow through. 

Make a Long-Term Commitment.   Often times people set their focus on gimmicks that promise quick results in a short amount of time.  (Drop a pants size in x amount of days)

It’s a fact that people who set themselves up on short term programs only get short term results.  You didn’t get to where you are in a few short weeks so don’t expect to get where you want to be in a few weeks.  Be willing to put in the hard work long term, as a new lifestyle, that helps you develop your new normal.  Setting yourself up with new habits means you don’t go back to old ones.  (Especially when the going gets tough)  Moving your body and eating healthy needs to be something you just do, not something you try every now and again.

Community Support.  Find like-minded people to come along side you on your journey.  This could be a book club, a group fitness class or a mom’s group.  Also, let your family and friends know what you are doing.  Allow them to help hold you accountable.  Some of them may actually join you and you can build new habits together.

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  • I joined not knowing what to expect… my time with Recharge has taught me to ALWAYS put God first. I also learned weight loss is not always about the pounds but the weight of your heart and mind. This journey showed me what it means to seek God first in all things. I lost a few pounds but I gained more insight about myself and that is huge for me. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a better life.

  • In 8 weeks I experienced, for me, an epiphany. I learned I needed more than just a great workout to help my health journey. Jill introduced me to her program and incorporated a healthy way of eating, moving, and praying. I’ve learned how to include God in my everyday. Jill’s kindness and knowledge has taken me to a new path on my wellness journey. I have incorporated new habits into my daily routine that help me be the best me i’ve ever been. thank you, Jill, you will always be cherished.

  • This program has helped give me a renewed peace and perspective on fitness and nutrition. I was one who struggled with an “all or nothing” approach, and through this program I was able to learn that I was lacking God in that area of my life. The program taught me that God does want me to be healthy and whole. Putting God first didn’t mean abandoning my health and fitness. I have made some great new friends, I am stronger, have more energy and endurance, and I have a healthier relationship with both food and my workouts. I highly recommend this!

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