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Team Recharge was created to help you learn to eat and move intuitively, honor God with your body and put faith first in your health and fitness to allow your body to function in the way it was originally designed.

Making the commitment to improve your health and fitness is fairly simple.  The struggle comes with staying committed.  Can you relate?  I start off super excited and eager for big results; but am quickly reminded of the hard work, time, and dedication it takes to accomplish the changes I am after – struggling to keep the momentum. 

Romans 12:2 encourages us not to conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by renewing our minds.  So, what if we give up control and surrender our health to God?

Putting our faith first, when setting nutrition and fitness goals, will require us to surrender and give up control.  This is like repentance wouldn’t you say?  To turn from sin and go a new way; not resorting back to previous sinful patterns. 

Our “perfect plan” will always be interrupted by social gatherings, family illnesses, vacations and birthdays; but our health does not have to suffer because of it and we do not have to put our goals on hold because of them either.  When we look to the Lord in times of adversity we will discover he is the Way to finding joy and freedom in our choices.  We need the strength from our creator to guide our journey.  We can’t do it alone. 

Team Recharge has a variety of programs offering assistance in nutrition and exercise that help you put your faith first and bring out your original design. We would love the opportunity to walk with you on your journey to greater health and wellness; to support you, encourage you and pray for you.

If you do not go astray, you cannot be led astray.

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Healthy Living from Within

Put your Faith in the front row of your health!
Surrender your flesh and put God in the lead to allow yourself the ability to rely on His strength to equip you in reaching ultimate freedom in your health!

✔Virtual 1:1 to solidify your vision and set an action plan for the month ahead.
✔Receive an easy-to-follow meal plan that allows you to get results!  
✔Weekly accountability and guidance to keep you moving forward.  
✔Fitness challenges tailored to your ability level.
✔Learn to define who God says you are with a 7-day devotional!! ✝️❤

As a result, you will re-discover your original design - Who God created you to be, experience a recharge in your energy and have a renewed spirit that empowers you to thrive forward.  

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Cost: $39 for 1 month

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Nutrition Program Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Nutrition Tips You Need to Consider for Your Health 

When you work with a nutrition program with a coach, you get somebody on your side that is capable of providing you with a variety of excellent tips. For example, they can tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat and give you guidance towards selecting a specific diet. However, you might be surprised at some of the advice because it seems to go against the grain of what you’ve come to expect. 

The following tips come directly from nutrition program specialists and will help to improve your overall health in a variety of ways. Try to integrate as many of them into your life as you can and focus on those that specifically appeal to you. You can safely avoid foods or intake ideas that don’t appeal to you or which would otherwise affect your health in a manner that you weren’t expecting to happen. 

Drink (Black) Coffee 

Though you’ve probably heard a coach say that coffee isn’t good for you, that tip isn’t 100 percent true. While you shouldn’t drink coffee with a lot of sugar or milk, black coffee can be healthy for specific situations. For example, black coffee has no calories, which makes it a good choice if you’re trying to lose weight with controlled calorie intake or if you’re on an intermittent fast. 

Instead, if you drink a cup or two of black coffee every day – typically in the morning – you can decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s. You can also add a massive boost of antioxidants into your diet that will improve your overall health in a variety of ways. So don’t neglect black coffee: you might be surprised at just how much it helps your overall health. 

Avoid Empty Calories 

A variety of different foods are, essentially, empty calories because they have a minimum of health benefits. For example, most junk food contains high levels of calories, sugar, and fat. The calorie content is typically much higher than you’d usually get from foods of the same size. And the vitamin content will be much lower than average, which can be a severe problem if you overdose. 

As a result, you should stay away from junk foods, particularly sugary drinks. Many people chug soda daily and suffer from excessive weight gain and a variety of other issues. Even worse, they may drink fruit juices and think they’re getting the same benefit of fruits, which they’re not. And your body won’t register liquid calories, which means you’ll still be hungry after drinking these sugary drinks. 

Eat Healthy Fats 

If you’re living a fat-free life, you may be doing yourself a grave disservice. While it is true that you need to avoid unhealthy fats in a variety of foods such as potato chips, you need a bit of fat in your diet every day. Fat is the most concentrated source of energy and will also provide you with a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you may not have expected and which can help improve your overall health. 

Any nutrition program created by a coach will tell you that nuts are the best source of healthy fats. Most nuts not only contain healthy levels of fat, but are also loaded with magnesium, vitamin E, and fiber. All of these nutrients are critical for your health and can not only prevent obesity but help in the fight against type 2 diabetes and heart disease. And some studies suggest that nuts may boost your metabolism and help you lose weight even more. 

Cut Out Processed Foods 

These days, the diet of the average person is likely high in processed foods. In theory, these processed foods aren’t dangerous or too bad for your health. However, processed foods are designed to trick the brain into eating higher levels and can even addict you. Just imagine the cravings you sometimes get for potato chips: this type of compulsive eating is not possible with organic foods. Even worse, processed foods contain a high concentration of preservatives and chemicals. 

Instead of eating processed foods, you should go to a farmer’s market or a local organic co-op and buy foods that are filled with fiber, protein, and other types of micronutrients. For example, various kinds of grains, fruits, and vegetables will enhance your health and ensure that you feel better. Just as importantly, non-processed foods don’t contain the same kind of chemical preservatives that may cause issues with your health if they get too high. 

Keep Your Water Flowing 

Water is one of the most essential elements of your diet, and most nutrition experts will tell you that you’re not drinking enough. Don’t worry, though: very few people drink enough water every day. If you did drink the proper amount of water, you’d likely boost your metabolism even higher – as much as 30 percent over two hours – leading to an addition 96 burned calories in a day. 

Try to focus on your water just a half an hour before each of your meals. The water will help to satiate much of your hunger and also help food break apart more efficiently in your stomach. As a result, you may increase your weight loss by as much as 44 percent. And make sure to drink a glass of water when you otherwise feel hungry because you may simply be thirsty and need a glass of liquid refreshment. 

Find Professional Help 

These nutrition tips are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a healthier diet. For example, you can focus your diet on raw foods – if you like – to get the most nutritional value from them. Just as importantly, you need to make sure that you focus heavily on nutrients like fiber. Fiber will naturally boost your metabolism and ensures that you not only lose weight but that your body runs as smoothly as possible. 

So if you want to ensure that you get the best possible help, you need to contact a nutrition professional to create a nutrition program to ensure that you improve your health and your overall physical fitness. Thankfully, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a coach once you start. A large variety of nutrition program professionals are available, and each will work hard to provide you with the care and attention that you deserve and which will ensure that you are healthy. 

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    • I joined not knowing what to expect… my time with Recharge has taught me to ALWAYS put God first. I also learned weight loss is not always about the pounds but the weight of your heart and mind. This journey showed me what it means to seek God first in all things. I lost a few pounds but I gained more insight about myself and that is huge for me. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a better life.

    • In 8 weeks I experienced, for me, an epiphany. I learned I needed more than just a great workout to help my health journey. Jill introduced me to her program and incorporated a healthy way of eating, moving, and praying. I’ve learned how to include God in my everyday. Jill’s kindness and knowledge has taken me to a new path on my wellness journey. I have incorporated new habits into my daily routine that help me be the best me i’ve ever been. thank you, Jill, you will always be cherished.

    • This program has helped give me a renewed peace and perspective on fitness and nutrition. I was one who struggled with an “all or nothing” approach, and through this program I was able to learn that I was lacking God in that area of my life. The program taught me that God does want me to be healthy and whole. Putting God first didn’t mean abandoning my health and fitness. I have made some great new friends, I am stronger, have more energy and endurance, and I have a healthier relationship with both food and my workouts. I highly recommend this!

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