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Team Recharge was created to help you learn to eat and move intuitively, honor God with your body and put faith first in your health and fitness to allow your body to function in the way it was originally designed.

Making the commitment to improve your health and fitness is fairly simple.  The struggle comes with staying committed.  Can you relate?  I start off super excited and eager for big results; but am quickly reminded of the hard work, time, and dedication it takes to accomplish the changes I am after – struggling to keep the momentum. 

Romans 12:2 encourages us not to conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by renewing our minds.  So, what if we give up control and surrender our health to God?

Putting our faith first, when setting nutrition and fitness goals, will require us to surrender and give up control.  This is like repentance wouldn’t you say?  To turn from sin and go a new way; not resorting back to previous sinful patterns. 

Our “perfect plan” will always be interrupted by social gatherings, family illnesses, vacations and birthdays; but our health does not have to suffer because of it and we do not have to put our goals on hold because of them either.  When we look to the Lord in times of adversity we will discover he is the Way to finding joy and freedom in our choices.  We need the strength from our creator to guide our journey.  We can’t do it alone. 

Team Recharge has a variety of programs offering assistance in nutrition and exercise that help you put your faith first and bring out your original design. We would love the opportunity to walk with you on your journey to greater health and wellness; to support you, encourage you and pray for you.

If you do not go astray, you cannot be led astray.

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Healthy Living from Within

Put your Faith in the front row of your health!
Surrender your flesh and put God in the lead to allow yourself the ability to rely on His strength to equip you in reaching ultimate freedom in your health!

✔Virtual 1:1 to solidify your vision and set an action plan for the month ahead.
✔Receive an easy-to-follow meal plan that allows you to get results!  
✔Weekly accountability and guidance to keep you moving forward.  
✔Fitness challenges tailored to your ability level.
✔Learn to define who God says you are with a 7-day devotional!! ✝️❤

As a result, you will re-discover your original design - Who God created you to be, experience a recharge in your energy and have a renewed spirit that empowers you to thrive forward.  

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Cost: $39 for 1 month

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Holistic Health Coach Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Why You Should Cook at Home 

If you just started working with a holistic health coach, you’ve probably already heard that you need to cook at home more often. However, like many people, you simply don’t think that you have the time for it or believe that you’re not a good enough cook. Thankfully, these misconceptions are often not true of most people, which means that you can likely make some tasty meals at a reasonable price and get the benefits out of this food preparation option.

If you’re not sure if you want to stay in to cook, the following information should help change your mind. A good coach will let you fully understand the benefits of staying home to eat more often and focusing on improving your cooking technique. You should experiment with your options to get the best results and to appeal to the most significant number of potential meals imaginable. You’ll be glad that you did. 

You Choose Your Diet 

If you’re trying to go holistic or working with a holistic health coach, cooking at home will ensure that you improve your health in a variety of ways. First of all, you can more easily choose the foods that you eat. As a result, you won’t be at the beck and call of what is on a restaurant’s menu. Just as importantly, you can tweak the cooking method to make it more appealing and healthy.

For example, if you find that a favorite restaurant has an unfortunate tendency to deep-fry chicken tenders, you can cut up chicken at home, coat it with a favorite flavoring, and bake it instead. This approach helps to bring out the flavor of your chicken and lets you take control of your diet. Just as importantly, you can add whatever side dishes you want to your main meal to create an attractive dinner option. 

So if you don’t like the mashed potatoes that get paired with a chicken dinner at your local diner, you can smash your own potatoes and flavor them with delicious additives. Or, alternately, you can cook different side dishes – such as sweet potato fries – that provide you with more flavor and which are more specific to your tastes. This option is just one reason why so many great holistic health coach professionals suggest that you cook at home more often. 

You’ll Likely Save Money 

Sit down and really think about how much money you spend when you go to a restaurant versus staying at home. For example, you’re likely to pay $15 for a steak dinner, including a soda, carrots, mashed potatoes, a roll, and more. That doesn’t seem so bad – it’s a good selection of food – until you break down how much you’d pay to make the same dinner at home. 

For example, let’s say that you pay $15 for a one-pound steak, $2 for a bag of potatoes, $3 for a pack of carrots, and another $3 for a bag of rolls. That’s $23 for all that food, which is only $8 more than if you ate out. However, if you chop the steak into quarters – the typical serving at a restaurant – and otherwise ration out the rest of your food into four dinners, you’re paying less than $6 per steak dinner at your home. If you had eaten four steak dinners in a restaurant instead, you’d have paid a total of $60.

Obviously, cooking at home will definitely save you money if you’re smart and aren’t afraid of leftovers. Just as importantly, you need to know how to flavor your food to bring out its texture. Doing so will make your dinners nearly as good – and in many cases better – than those you’d find at a restaurant. So don’t hesitate to buy a great cookbook and to practice your recipes. Your pocketbook and bank account will definitely appreciate this choice. 

You’ll Save Time 

One reason that people go out to eat is that they think that they’ll save themselves time. However, this misconception is easy to break if you examine the time it takes to eat out. For example, you’ll have to get into your car and drive to the restaurant. Depending on where you go, this ride could last anywhere from 5-30 minutes. As a result, you’ve already put in an excessive amount of time. 

And once you arrive at the restaurant, you’ll spend another 15-30 minutes waiting to find a spot, making your order, and getting your meal. That’s already about 20-60 minutes without eating any food. And if you take your time and eat slowly – or socialize with your family – you could spend another 30-60 minutes eating. Add the 5-30 minute drive home, and you have 55-150 minutes.

By contrast, you may have to spend 20 minutes preparing an average dish and 45 minutes making it, but you’ll cut out nearly an hour of driving time. Just as importantly, you can sit down with your family in the comfort of your home, interact, and enjoy each other. As you can see, you’ll definitely save more time if you eat at home more often rather than go out to eat during every dinnertime. Your holistic health coach can easily confirm these many benefits for you. 

You’ll Be Healthier

When you go out to eat, you’ll improve your health in a variety of ways. First of all, you’ll eat healthier foods that have nowhere near the same levels of fat as those foods you’d eat if you want out. Just as importantly, you can focus on healthier cooking methods to ensure that you maximize the health benefits of each of your meals. 

So if you’re interested in eating at home more often and need help making the best choices, talk to a holistic health coach right away to learn more. These experts will work with you to understand your eating options and will provide the insight that you need to ensure that your diet is as healthy as possible. These experts can also provide you with cooking suggestions and recipe ideas that you can’t get anywhere else. 

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  • I joined not knowing what to expect… my time with Recharge has taught me to ALWAYS put God first. I also learned weight loss is not always about the pounds but the weight of your heart and mind. This journey showed me what it means to seek God first in all things. I lost a few pounds but I gained more insight about myself and that is huge for me. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a better life.

  • In 8 weeks I experienced, for me, an epiphany. I learned I needed more than just a great workout to help my health journey. Jill introduced me to her program and incorporated a healthy way of eating, moving, and praying. I’ve learned how to include God in my everyday. Jill’s kindness and knowledge has taken me to a new path on my wellness journey. I have incorporated new habits into my daily routine that help me be the best me i’ve ever been. thank you, Jill, you will always be cherished.

  • This program has helped give me a renewed peace and perspective on fitness and nutrition. I was one who struggled with an “all or nothing” approach, and through this program I was able to learn that I was lacking God in that area of my life. The program taught me that God does want me to be healthy and whole. Putting God first didn’t mean abandoning my health and fitness. I have made some great new friends, I am stronger, have more energy and endurance, and I have a healthier relationship with both food and my workouts. I highly recommend this!

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