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Team Recharge was created to help you learn to eat and move intuitively, honor God with your body and put faith first in your health and fitness to allow your body to function in the way it was originally designed.

Making the commitment to improve your health and fitness is fairly simple.  The struggle comes with staying committed.  Can you relate?  I start off super excited and eager for big results; but am quickly reminded of the hard work, time, and dedication it takes to accomplish the changes I am after – struggling to keep the momentum. 

Romans 12:2 encourages us not to conform to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by renewing our minds.  So, what if we give up control and surrender our health to God?

Putting our faith first, when setting nutrition and fitness goals, will require us to surrender and give up control.  This is like repentance wouldn’t you say?  To turn from sin and go a new way; not resorting back to previous sinful patterns. 

Our “perfect plan” will always be interrupted by social gatherings, family illnesses, vacations and birthdays; but our health does not have to suffer because of it and we do not have to put our goals on hold because of them either.  When we look to the Lord in times of adversity we will discover he is the Way to finding joy and freedom in our choices.  We need the strength from our creator to guide our journey.  We can’t do it alone. 

Team Recharge has a variety of programs offering assistance in nutrition and exercise that help you put your faith first and bring out your original design. We would love the opportunity to walk with you on your journey to greater health and wellness; to support you, encourage you and pray for you.

If you do not go astray, you cannot be led astray.

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Healthy Living from Within

Put your Faith in the front row of your health!
Surrender your flesh and put God in the lead to allow yourself the ability to rely on His strength to equip you in reaching ultimate freedom in your health!

✔Virtual 1:1 to solidify your vision and set an action plan for the month ahead.
✔Receive an easy-to-follow meal plan that allows you to get results!  
✔Weekly accountability and guidance to keep you moving forward.  
✔Fitness challenges tailored to your ability level.
✔Learn to define who God says you are with a 7-day devotional!! ✝️❤

As a result, you will re-discover your original design - Who God created you to be, experience a recharge in your energy and have a renewed spirit that empowers you to thrive forward.  

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Cost: $39 for 1 month

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Health Coach Near Me Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Ways a Health Coach Provides a Holistic Care Option

Over the last few years, you’ve been investigating whether or not you need a health coach near me but still aren’t sure if they’re right for you. Anybody who wants a holistic lifestyle or who is adjusting to holistic workout or dietary routines should at least temporarily hire professionals such as these. They’ll provide you with a variety of benefits that make them well worth your time.

Therefore, you should fully understand the many elements of your health that a health coach near me can boost. Remember that your overall health is not measured just by your physical strength and stability but on a variety of different elements. Thankfully, an excellent holistic care expert will provide a full-body and total-mind care method that will improve your overall health and keep you focused on your personal success. 

Helps Your Mental Health 

One of the first steps that a health coach near me will provide you is an increased sense of mental health and well-being. These professionals fully understand how to assess your emotional health and will find ways to emphasize your strengths. Just as importantly, these experts will then work with you to actualize your well-being in a way that you can’t get in any other way. 

For example, they will examine the psychological issues that may plague you and help you come up with a care option that minimizes them as much as possible. While a health coach isn’t a psychiatrist or counselor, they will understand the various elements that impact your emotional health and will try to offer you support during what can be challenging times and emotional moments. 

So if, for instance, you lose a special person – such as a parent – and feel emotionally devastated, they can stand by you and help you feel better. Or if you need to go through a challenging surgical procedure, your coach can work with you and literally hold your hand before and after your treatment. These experts work like skilled friends who always have your back when your emotions are at their lowest. 

Boosts Your Physical Health 

Though a health coach near me can help increase your mental strength, they’re likely to focus more heavily on your physical health. For example, they can provide you with a series of exercises that are designed to improve your health in a focused way. Most of the time, these routines are individually chosen and implemented for you as a way of boosting specific elements that need help. 

For example, if you suffer from physical weakness in your knees due to a surgery or injury, your coach will provide you with controlled exercises that strengthen your tendons and improve your knee strength. And if you suffer from a relapse of a disease and can no longer focus on specific activities, they can tweak your routine to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself and instead achieve a delicate balance between too much and too little. 

As you work out with your coach, they will also assess your mental health to ensure that you are up to the challenge of your routines. For example, you may get exhausted during an exercise and need a break to maintain your focus. A good coach will instinctively understand these moments and will work hard to ensure that you can relax your body and mind and feel better about your overall workout success. 

Acts as a Guide for Spiritual Health 

Spiritual health is often much harder to define than physical or emotional health. However, feelings of spirituality are essential for holistic care because humans have a unique desire for spirituality. Simply put, your spiritual health is how connected you feel with the universe and those around you. 

A great health coach near me will assess your spiritual health, see where you lack, and find options to improve your connectivity. Don’t worry about being preached to or being asked to convert to a religion. Instead, your coach will find a system that works for you to help you feel better on a spiritual level. 

This option is typically the last that you’ll experience when visiting a holistic care professional. Simply put, your physical and emotional health must be healthy before you can work on your spirituality. But once you are physically and emotionally fit, you can become a truly spiritual person. 

Combines Every Element of Your Health 

While other specialists can provide similar care options for your needs, only a holistic coach near me will synthesize all of them to enhance your full health. For example, they will focus their emotional care options in a way that may minimize your physical stress symptoms and other problems. 

Just as importantly, these coaches will continuously adjust their routines, as needed, to ensure you are focused. For example, if they find you are bored by one exercise, they’ll replace it with another that does the same thing. In this way, you can stay focused and avoid losing interest.

A good coach will continually teach you how to approach your health in a full-body and total-mind manner. You must understand that your mind, body, and soul are all connected and poor health in one area will cause issues in the other. Once you know this fact, your care will be much smoother. 

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By now, you should have a pretty good idea of the ways that this type of coach can help your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Unlike other care experts, though, these coaches combine all of these elements into one comprehensive whole. Rather than try to treat just one aspect of your health with a pure medical treatment, a holistic coach will provide full-body and total-mind care that other are experts either simply ignore or don’t know how to provide. 

If you want to work with a holistic coach near me who you can trust, you need to take the time to do a little research. You’re likely to find many different coaches who can provide a variety of care options. Research not only what type of choices a health coach near me offers but whether or not their personality is right for you. A good coach should be something like a friend – you must get along – but also someone who reacts to your needs and who isn’t afraid to give you guff if you slack. 

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  • I joined not knowing what to expect… my time with Recharge has taught me to ALWAYS put God first. I also learned weight loss is not always about the pounds but the weight of your heart and mind. This journey showed me what it means to seek God first in all things. I lost a few pounds but I gained more insight about myself and that is huge for me. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a better life.

  • In 8 weeks I experienced, for me, an epiphany. I learned I needed more than just a great workout to help my health journey. Jill introduced me to her program and incorporated a healthy way of eating, moving, and praying. I’ve learned how to include God in my everyday. Jill’s kindness and knowledge has taken me to a new path on my wellness journey. I have incorporated new habits into my daily routine that help me be the best me i’ve ever been. thank you, Jill, you will always be cherished.

  • This program has helped give me a renewed peace and perspective on fitness and nutrition. I was one who struggled with an “all or nothing” approach, and through this program I was able to learn that I was lacking God in that area of my life. The program taught me that God does want me to be healthy and whole. Putting God first didn’t mean abandoning my health and fitness. I have made some great new friends, I am stronger, have more energy and endurance, and I have a healthier relationship with both food and my workouts. I highly recommend this!

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