Health and Fitness Tips for Your Workplace

September 12, 2019

Health and Fitness Tips for Your Workplace

September 12, 2019

A large number of employees in your business are overweight and getting heavier. This situation can be tough to manage without the best professionals for health and fitness Cedar Rapids, Palo, and Marion, Iowa has to offer. Thankfully, you can also integrate the following elements into your workplace to create a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace for all involved.                       

Provide Healthy Meals for Your Employees                       

Every day, you see your employees come into the office with packed lunches or watch as they leave the premises and come back with unhealthy foods. Since they sit down for so much of the day, they just aren’t burning all of the calories that they are consuming. This situation can be very frustrating and even dangerous if your employees start gaining weight. As a result, you need to do what you can to provide them with healthy meal alternatives.                     

Meals should consist of every food group, fat-free food alternatives, and plenty of vegetables. However, taste shouldn’t be ignored because your employees may balk at pure health food. Add spices and other touches to make these meals more delicious. As most spices have minimal to no calories, this choice is smart and can ensure that more employees enjoy the tasty and healthy foods that you provide them.                       

These meals can be something that you offer every day for your employees or an occasional upgrade on their regular food. Try to install a high-quality kitchen or food preparation center in your office and encourage your employees to eat the food you prepare. Offer these meals at either a heavily discounted price or for free. Though you may take a loss, ensuring that the health and fitness of your employees are at an all-time high is more than worth the potential losses.                       

Schedule 30 Minutes of Office Exercise                       

Exercise at an office is often something that seems nearly impossible to achieve. You may even have many employees in your workplace who are willing to work out but who don’t have the time. As a result, you should create a 30-minute period where the whole office gets to exercise. This step is a wise one, particularly if you integrate group routines that may bridge the gap between working out and team building at the same time.                     

For example, you can have a period where everybody gets to stand up, stretch, and walk around and enjoy communicating with their work friends. This simple step is an excellent choice for those who are a little out of shape and who need to ease into exercise. At this point, you can then enhance your employees’ experience and their health and fitness by providing free 30-minute exercise classes led by you or someone else who understands fitness.                    

The exercises shouldn’t be too intense and must be entirely optional. Forcing your employees to work out will likely only annoy them and cause stress in their lives. However, you may want to also put up fliers and posters on the walls that highlight at-the-desk exercises that your employees can do instead. These routines include arm workouts with weights, various stretches, and even slightly lifting themselves off of their chair in a powerful way.           

Integrate Standing Desks                       

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular health and fitness tools in a large number of offices. They are taller desks that force users to stand to use them. While this might seem strange to those who are used to sitting desks, studies have found that those at standing desks not only lose weight and stay in shape but are more focused when they do work. The reasons for this extra focus lies in their improvement in calorie burning and a higher metabolism created by standing.                       

As a result, you may want to consider adding these desks to your workplace in a way that encourages your employees to try them out. Make sure that you buy adjustable standing desks, as they can change the height of the tabletop for shorter and taller people. Just as importantly, you should hold a brief training seminar on how to use these desks properly. Doing so ensures that everyone is on board with the idea, ready to use their desk properly, and capable of adjusting their work routine around them.                       

Importantly, you should only give these desks out to those who want them. Forcing your employees to use standing desks is not a good idea because some might not be prepared for the physical demands that they offer. However, you may find a growing number of people asking for them as the employees with them not only lose weight but become more productive. You may even want to scatter these desks throughout your office without assigning them to others as a way of cutting costs.                       

Create a Weight Loss Drive                       

Lastly, you can create a fun and competitive spirit in your workplace by creating a weight-loss initiative and competition for everyone in the office. The idea behind this health and fitness tip is to inspire those who may be resisting your other care methods and to get them to get into shape even more quickly. This process is very beneficial if you have a competitive workplace filled with people who love trying to outdo each other in fun ways.                       

A good weight loss drive should break up everyone in the office into groups and keep track of their weight every week. At the end of three months or so, the team who has lost the most weight should win something sweet, like gift cards or extra vacation days. The reward must be worth the effort, as bragging rights are not enough to inspire many people. And make sure you only reward the first-place winner for making the competition more fierce                     

In this situation, your employees will naturally start dieting more healthily, getting together and exercising, and helping each other lose weight. As a result of all of this competition, your employees are also more likely to get along better, learn to enjoy each other’s company, and even focus more effectively on their work. These benefits create a win-win situation that is hard to top.                       

Let Us Help You                       

So if you want to improve the best company health and fitness Robins, Hiawatha, and Fairfax, Iowa has to offer, contact us at Team Recharge today to get started. Our professionals will help you create a fitness-first workplace that will not only make your employees happier and healthier but enhance their creativity. We promise that we’ll work hard to help you achieve this lofty goal.

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